Why a Bearcat?

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Well, why not? The idea for this blog came into being while I was editing my shots from my Davao trip.  As I picked shots that would go into my existing blog, The Madman’s Cave, I realized that blog was out of focus: too many disparate topics mashed together.

So I made up my mind to start a new blog. Where does the bearcat come in?  Simple – out of the pics I got in Davao, this portrait of a sleepy binturong was one of my favorites.  And I’m very much into the sea – I’m addicted to snorkeling, and I’m starting to learn scuba diving.  So oceanbearcat seemed both appropriate and an odd enough juxtaposition to be memorable.

From now on, this blog will receive my thoughts and comments on travel, photography, cooking, and dining out, which are at least pretty much related to each other.  Yeah, even the photography, because I’m mostly doing food photography these days.

My gaming and writing will be continued in Madman’s Cave.